Online Shopping, Is It Taking Over?

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Many years ago, before the computer age came about, we did shop the old-fashioned way and went to stores to get what we needed. If you need new clothing for school, you would go down to the local store and do your shopping there. Or if you had to get groceries for the week, you would run down to the grocery store and make your purchases. These days we see a lot less of in person purchasing and a lot more online purchasing.

In today’s world we live in the age of technology where most hopes have computers and phones and the ability to make purchases from the comfort of your own home while still sitting in pajamas. There are perks to making online purchases, such as not having to get off your couch, being able to shop at your own convenience, and not having to deal with crowds and lots of people. For many people, this can be a wonderful convenience, however I wonder if we are getting away from those in person contacts and is it hurting us?

 While there are certainly perks to shopping online, it’s also important to not a huge drawback to it as well. When you order online you do not get to physically see what you are buying and often that is an important factor when making a purchase. If I want to buy clothes, I want to try them on first and buying online does not allow me to do so. An easy fix for this problem could be to order a monthly subscription box. There are many different subscription boxes you can order and get delivered to your home on a monthly basis. Ordering from companies that will be your personal shoppers can be beneficial because you let them do all the work for you. They will also allow you to try on clothing and return it if you do not like the fit. There are literally tons of companies that will do all your shopping for you and send you things tailored to your likes and needs.

Another example of a monthly subscription are any Women Crates. These subscriptions can all be tailored to your specific likes and wants in order to deliver the products you will enjoy the most. Not only can you order monthly subscriptions for beauty and fashion, but you can also order monthly food and or snack boxes. One food box subscription I am familiar with is called keto crate.

I think that its important to note that while there is so much availability and convenience with online shopping, there is also something we are losing. We are losing that person to person contact you get when shopping in stores. Another thing worth mentioning is the jobs it takes from many stores that are forced to close due to online shopping.