A Brief Guide On Men Overcoats

If you wish for people to take you seriously, to make a good impression when you meet a business partner or to get proper service in restaurant, you will need appropriate attire that will present you as a professional.

Handling coats have always been appealing to men especially for outdoor activities, but if you wish to do represent yourself as a professional, you have to wear a suit.

However, the main problem with suits is that they are not warm, because you will have a shirt and jacket, which is why you will need acceptable outerwear in form of overcoat.

You can also add customer overcoats as part of working uniform for your business. Of course, before you choose anything, we recommend you to stay with us so that you can understand the differences between a greatcoat, topcoat, and overcoat.

In general, the main difference depends on heritage, style, and weight. Remember that overcoats are long ones that feature sleeves and you should wear it on top of suit or something else.

Topcoat is lightweight for an overcoat, while greatcoat is bulky and heavy overcoat that people mostly used for military purposes.

The idea is to understand the distinction, especially if you are making an online purchase because you will reduce the possibility of finding something that will not appeal to you afterward.

Features of Quality Overcoat

It is essential to understand that overcoats should make you look great, fit you and be warm altogether. That is the main reasons why we decided to present to you the characteristics that will help you choose the best one on the market.

1.     Fabric

In case you wish to wear it for years after purchase, it is crucial to find the one that weighs at least four pounds and feature 100% wool. Remember that bulkier coats will last much longer than lightweight ones due to durable and quality fabric used for them.

You can also find cashmere coats that are soft, nice, and warm, but they can wear after a while on the collar and cuffs, especially since you have to protect them against moths. Apart from that, they are highly expensive when compared with other materials.

You can also consider getting a wool/cashmere blend that will provide you the softness in combination with warmth and durability. The easiest way to learn everything about history of overcoats is by clicking here.

2.     Sleeves

When it comes to coat sleeves, they should completely cover the suit as well as short ones, and even feature an ability to be longer than anything you wear beneath it. That way, you will reduce the getting cold on wrists especially when you wear gloves in combination.

3.     Length

Traditionally, overcoats are long reaching when compared with other garments, and some of them can extend to ankles based on your preferences.

These coats are the perfect choice for people of all body types, and they can accommodate various types of figures. It does not matter if your round in the midsection, because finding a custom overcoat is the best choice because everything will be based on your appearance and preferences.

The trendy states that most young men wear the coats up to knees, which may reach the lower part of the knee. This is an excellent solution for men that feature trim builds and that wish to wear the ones that are closer to the body.

If you are constantly entering and exiting your vehicle daily, this is the most convenient option for you.

On the other hand, the full-length coat is another choice that you can make, and have in mind that they tend to be warmer and appear more for cold seasons than knee-length alternative.

4.     Fit

When you decide to purchase an overcoat, we recommend you to wear a shirt as well as a suit jacket because you have to fit over it. Some men enjoy looser fit, while younger men tend to prefer trimmer fit so that they can present their figures and handsomeness.

In case you notice X-wrinkles when you are buttoning the overcoat, it means that it is too tight for your body construction.

5.     Style

The style depends on your preferences and aesthetic appeal that you wish to present to others and yourself. You can choose single-breasted overcoat that features notched lapel.

This particular type is excellent for numerous occasions, while double-breasted overcoat features more formal characteristics. At the same time, it is warmer solution during the cold times since you will have two layers of fabric on your chests.

6.     Construction

If you decide to purchase high-quality coats, remember that they tend to have a sewn canvas. On the other hand, more affordable solutions feature fused art instead.

A sewn canvas is much more durable, and it will last with ease, and even though it can become loose after a while, you will be able to repair it without ruining the garment.

If you do not have budget restraints, you should always consider fully canvassed overcoat. If that is not the case, you should purchase fully canvassed suits and combine them with a glued overcoat.

When compared with suits, glued overcoats are more acceptable since you will not wear it every single day but only in moments when it is cold outside.

The best way to learn how to maintain different types of coats based on fabrics is by entering this link: https://www.thespruce.com/how-to-clean-winter-coat-fabrics-2145822.

Different Types of Overcoats

  • Chesterfield – This particular name comes after the Earl of Chesterfield, who invented it in the mid 19th century. It was one of the first overcoats, and over the years, it did not change significantly from the initial design. It does not have waist seams, and it is the single-breasted front. You will get straight side pockets that will look like flap pockets, and implement velvet collar based on your preferences. In most cases, it is knee-long, and it comes in charcoal and gray colors, which will provide you the sense of professionalism you need for business meetings.
  • Covert Coat – Even though it is similar to Chesterfield, the main idea of its design is to use it outdoors while hunting among other things. Therefore, it comes from sturdy material called Covert cloth based on covert bushes. The goal is to protect you from bush encounters, mud and harsh weather outside. It is heavy and sturdy which means that you will get durable coat that will stand the test of time. Nowadays, manufacturers are not making too heavy models, but still you will be able to use it for years after purchase.

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